DPC (direct primary care) is a membership-based model of health care, eliminating the insurance companies and administrators from the equation. Our members pay a monthly fee, and in exchange I see them as often as needed. No co-pays, no office visit fees, no hassles.

Without interference from insurance company regulations, I can focus on providing personalized care the way you deserve.  I work with you, spending the time to listen, understand, and formulate plans together.  I work with you. I don’t dictate what you must do. Together we often can come up with lifestyle changes, rather than adding more medications.

DPC practices provide personalized service for about 500 patients, rather than the typical 2000 patients. You will be seeing me every visit, so I will know your medical issues. Because I have fewer patients, I can offer same day or next day appointments if needed. And you’ll have access to me through text, email, video visits, phone, and other means.

Having fewer patients means I have more time to spend with you. Thirty-minute, and even 60-minute visits are available, so I can address your medical needs.

Medicine the way it used to be.