90-Minute Appointment

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Joe (not his real name) was disgusted with his doctor’s office. He couldn’t get a timely answer to his questions, and getting an appointment with his doctor was quite a struggle. When he did get to see his doctor, she concentrated on the computer much of the visit. He felt like she scooted him out the door before he was ready. He needed some tests done, but he had to call his doctor’s office several times before the tests were finally scheduled.

He called our office on a Friday, surprised when I, Dr. Herrington, answered the phone. Sue, my one employee, was out mowing the lawn (which she loves, by the way). Joe explained some of his problems, and I offered an appointment for that afternoon. With him in the office, I filled two pages of notes and together we came up with some plans. I checked the clock – we had been together face-to-face for 90 minutes! That’s about 10 times the usual time with doctors!

When I was in traditional medicine, I used to struggle with rushing from one patient to the next, trying to give them enough time while not making the next people wait excessively long. With DPC (Direct Primary Care), doctors usually see about 5 to 10 patients per day rather than the usual 20 patients per day. It gives me time for personalized health care for my patients. I’m loving it! Medicine the way it should be.

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