A Quick Visit

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A patient had a spot on her face she wanted looked at. I had her come into the office (same day as she contacted us) for a check of it and discussion of what could be done. It was a 5-minute visit and she was on her way.

Cost? Nothing extra at all — it’s included in her monthly membership.

In the old days of the traditional medicine practice, I would have seen her at some point when we could fit her into my schedule, tried to find a code to satisfy the insurance company so hopefully they would pay me for the brief visit, documented things in detail, and hoped she wouldn’t be billed for the visit. If she asked me how much it would cost to biopsy the mole, I would have no idea, since it depended on many factors.

In this case, if she wants the mole removed, there’s no cost for me to remove it, and we’ll send the specimen for pathology, using her insurance.

I love the Direct Primary Care way of practice! Working for my patients instead of the insurance companies!

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