Everyone Loves Sue

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Everyone loves Sue. I don’t really have a title for her, but she’s my one and only employee, my front office staff, my friend. She loves to mow the lawn and clean the office. She has painted the bathroom. We eat lunch together every day and have lots of great conversations. Patients love her. She is pleasant and positive.

At our previous office, she was the scheduler, making appointments for tests and specialists. It was a tough job. I think that’s why she loves the diversity at my office. Oh, and we also have tons of windows at our office, which makes both of us happy.

She proved herself golden a couple days ago. My patient needed to see a cardiologist, and she requested a specific doctor. Well, that might be a tough request, taking months to get into him. But as the patient waited, Sue called cardiology, and within a minute she had made an appointment NEXT WEEK for that patient! Wow! And from our end of the conversation it was obvious that the cardiology staff was thrilled to hear from her. They love her too.

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