Pure Posture Board

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I couldn’t help myself, I had to ask questions and give a little advice.

The patient was in my office for a Medical Marijuana Certification. He wasn’t my patient. But we ended up discussing his chronic back pain and what he had tried. I shared one of my favorite tools, the Pure Posture Board.

A few years ago I had met the chiropractor inventors of this board when I was at the Horse Expo in Harrisburg, PA. They said that once they had the patent on the board and began selling it, their chiropractic clinic visits decreased by more than 30%! Imagine being able to treat your back and neck pain effectively any time you needed.

I love this device. I used to get those kinks in my back or neck for several days at a time. But with this board, the pain is usually gone within a day. I have an inversion table in my basement, which I haven’t used since I got this Pure Posture Board. With the inversion table, I had to make sure not to eat beforehand (*burp*), and I would get a head rush, but it worked. This board, on the other hand, can be used anywhere, any time. A great tool!

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