Sick Visits

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Last time you were sick, how long did it take you to get an answer from your doctor’s office?

How long did it take to get an appointment?

Did you see your own doctor, or did you need to see someone else?

Were you able to be seen in the office if desired?

At Pine Creek Family Medicine we are seeing our patients the same day if needed, either in person or virtually. Patients see me, Dr. Herrington, exclusively, which helps me stay on top of their issues. I don’t have to re-create what someone else has done for them at our office. And by having fewer patients (I plan to have about 500 rather than the typical 2000 patients), I have time to take good care of my patients and get to know them well. Best of all, all office visits and communication are included in the monthly membership fee, so there are no hidden charges. No need to hesitate to contact me for advice.

When I was in traditional medicine, there were certain insurances that required we connect by Video Visit rather than just a phone call, or we wouldn’t get reimbursed as well (I never could remember which insurance had which requirement). But with my DPC (Direct Primary Care), I don’t bill insurance, so I can pick up the phone and just talk to my patients, or communicate in any way we desire.

Medicine the way it should be.

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