Sidewalk Visit

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Brooke (not her name) was worried about her son’s injury. She knew our office was closed for the afternoon. An ER visit would be expensive and time consuming. She just needed some advice. She didn’t know whether she was being overly concerned.

Then she remembered Spruce, our secure messaging system. She had used it other times and had gotten some pretty quick answers straight from the doctor. So she sent a message.

I happened to be two minutes away from her house. After a phone call, I decided to swing by her house and check out her son. Within a couple minutes I reassured her that he seemed ok. Literally 10 to 15 minutes after the injury happened, she had her answer. And she knows if there are more concerns, she can contact me again.

Cost? Nothing, since it’s included in her son’s monthly membership.

I love my Direct Primary Care practice!

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