The Whisper Game

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Do you remember the Whisper Game? By the time a statement is whispered down the line, the final message is laughably different than the first message.

Well, a version of that could happen in traditional medical practices.

You call the office, tell your concern to the receptionist.

* The receptionist sends a message to the nurse.

* The nurse calls you for more information.

* The nurse sends a message to the doctor.

* The doctor responds with suggestions.

* The nurse calls you again with recommendations.

* But you have another question, and it starts all over again.

What if you could have easy access to your personal doctor and staff? Imagine sending a secure message and receiving a response in a short time.

* You need to reschedule your appointment… send a text message.

* Your baby has a rash … send a photo and message.

* Your illness has not gotten better, and you would like that antibiotic you had discussed at your recent appointment… send a message.

* It’s the weekend and you have a terrible case of poison ivy and would love some prednisone… send a message.

At our Direct Primary Care (DPC) office, we love Spruce, our HIPAA-compliant messaging app. It lets us communicate easily with our patients without playing phone tag. Our responses are personal and much faster overall than communicating with traditional medical offices. Sure, people can call or stop by, but most love the convenience of our text messaging app.

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