Favorite Medication

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I don’t know if most doctors have a favorite medication, but I do. When it comes to Blood Pressure medications, I really like one in particular. It has minimal side effects, it seems to have some anti-anxiety effect, and it recently went generic, which lowered the cost. But insurance almost always refuses to pay for the medicine! I’m told either it’s completely denied, or we must jump through hoops of “failing” two different medications of that same class first (that class tends to cause fatigue, but this med does not).

I like that I can dispense medications in my office. While the brand name drug would cost me more than $170 per month (!!), I sell the generic for $10 and $15 per month depending on dosage. My patients are loving the option of using a good medication while saving money.

That’s just one of the benefits of my DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, where instead of billing insurance, we provide unlimited office visits and communication for a monthly membership fee.

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