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Bob (not his real name) needed a form completed for work. Height, weight, lab results, BP etc.

In my old office, he would have had to drop it off, where it might take a few days to make it to staff who filled in the numbers, then to the doctor for a signature. There might have been a charge for the paperwork. Or maybe his doctor would want him seen to fill out the paper. It could take several days or longer to get an appointment, then he would sit in the waiting room for a while before finally having the brief appointment.

Another reason to love my DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice. Bob sent us a message this morning asking if we could complete the paperwork. Sure! Stop in after work today. I weighed him, checked his BP, filled in the forms, chatted with him a few minutes, and sent him on his way. Total time: 15 min at most. Cost? Nothing extra – it’s included in his DPC membership as one of our patients.

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