Phone Visits

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Karen’s car was so unreliable! It was frustrating how it would let her down when she needed it most. She had a doctor’s appointment she was looking forward to. She had a list of things she wanted to discuss, hoping to come up with a game plan for how to feel better and get off some of her medications. But now she had a flat tire! She would have to reschedule that appointment.

She called Pine Creek Family Medicine and told Sue that she wouldn’t be able to make it. To Karen’s surprise, Sue offered, “Dr. Herrington can just give you a call, and you can have your appointment that way.”

Karen remembered having a virtual visit at her old doctor’s office. She had to connect by video, which didn’t work too well. First her phone wouldn’t connect, then the image and sound were stilted, so she and the doctor would end up talking over each other, or they would just stare at each other waiting for the other person to talk. She preferred a phone call, but there was some issue with her insurance not paying for “phone visits” so they had to involve video.

Karen voiced her concern, saying she would rather not have a video visit. Sue reassured her that a phone call was just fine, since the office didn’t have to worry about insurance requirements. Karen’s monthly Direct Primary Care membership covered all office visits and communications.

“Yes, that would be great!” she said, pulling out her list of questions.

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