Rapid Response

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Tina called the office yesterday. For financial reasons, she was planning on waiting until the end of the year to sign up with our practice, but she was sick. She could use some advice, and yes, she wanted to become my patient now.

She arrived at the office within an hour. She’d had a lot of stress, which she realized made her more likely to get sick. But what could she do now?

Years ago I wouldn’t have had as much advice as I do now. Over the past couple years, I’ve learned a lot about the immune system, including supplements that help greatly. These days it rolls off my tongue: Vitamin D, Vitamin C, Zinc, etc.

I used to wonder why, when I was feeling the start of a cold, that I could take some Zicam and the cold wouldn’t materialize. But if I waited even a day or so, I’d have a full-blown cold. Well, it turns out most of us were zinc deficient. And zinc (Zicam has it) helps decrease viruses reproducing in cells.

There are all kinds of viruses circulating. Treatment is similar for most of them, including potential antiviral medications. Occasionally antibiotics or breathing treatments are needed. And there’s even advice for preventing others around you getting sick. I love sharing what I have learned, helping people get through illnesses fairly easily.

In Tina’s case, we came up with some baseline advice. And she has full access to me through our secure messaging system and phone calls. I plan to communicate daily for a while, making sure she’s recovering.

I love my DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, where I’m available for personalized medical care.

Working for my patients instead of the insurance companies.

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