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When Bob came for his appointment yesterday, he announced to me that he’s healthy now, so he thinks he’ll stop paying his monthly membership in my DPC (Direct Primary Care) and save some money. He’s not sure what doctor he’ll change to. He explained, “I’m frugal.”

Bob is in his 30s, and I don’t think he has had a lot of experience with the medical system. He had some issues a few months ago, and by my spending an hour with him at his first appointment, we figured out how to help him feel much better. He has been in here for paperwork to be completed (a quick visit the same day he messaged us about it), and he has communicated a few times with me through our secure messaging app.

* I don’t think Bob has ever had to wait for hours, or even days, for a nurse to call him back.

* I don’t think he has had to see someone besides his doctor, because the doctor couldn’t possibly fit him into their schedule.

* I don’t think he has had to wait for weeks for an appointment.

* I don’t think he has ended up in the ER or Urgent Care because no one at his doctor’s office could see him or even call him back quickly when he was having an acute problem.

* I don’t think Bob has received a medical bill in the mail and had his chin hit the floor as he saw the charge, wondering how the heck he would owe that money.

* I don’t think he has had to deal with deductibles and co-pays and non-covered services and all the other ramblings from insurance company contracts.

* When Bob has been between jobs, without insurance, he didn’t have to worry about large bills (he was seeing me at the time, almost everything was covered).

Bob has insurance now, but he hasn’t had to use it. He told me he heard a co-worker arguing with the insurance company on the phone about a bill. Yes, I said, that happens.

I pulled out a price list from another practice. If Bob didn’t have insurance, or if he had to pay a portion of the charges, his cost could be far more than the $50/month he pays our practice.

Bob may be frugal, but he’s also smart, and it didn’t take much for him to realize it’s best for him to stay with my practice. Where else can you get prompt excellent personalized medical care at a great price?

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