Medical Marijuana Certification

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Sally was distraught. She realized yesterday that her Medical Marijuana card had expired. She had gone online to do her part of the renewal, but now she needed the final step of having a doctor “recertify” her. Her own doctor supported her use of it, but he didn’t do the certifications. She had made a couple phone calls, but she couldn’t find any place that could see her sooner than a month!

She knew it sounded bad to say she “needed” this medicine, but it really was helping her chronic pain. She remembered taking literally a handful of Advil and Tylenol several times in the past, without it touching the pain. Her stomach would hurt, and she worried that she was getting an ulcer or destroying her liver. Her doctor had prescribed narcotics, which made her feel loopy and constipated. She hated those medicines. She felt like she tried everything – all kinds of prescription medicines, physical therapy, TENs units, stretches, heat, cold, saunas. Nothing seemed to help enough, until a friend told her about Medical Marijuana. By working with the dispensary, she was able to come up with a great combination of products that helped her function during the day and sleep well at night.

This morning she found the listing for Pine Creek Family Medicine for her recertification. When she called, she was told she could get in today for the appointment! She loved Sue, the receptionist. And Dr. Herrington spent some time with her, interested in hearing about how the Medical Marijuana was working so well for her. With a few clicks on the computer, the info was submitted.

Then it was Sally’s turn to learn some new things. She was intrigued with the DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, where patients pay a monthly membership and get unlimited office visits and communication. For those patients, the Medical Marijuana certification is included. What a nice benefit! Sally would have to tell her friends about this pleasant office!

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