A Day of Providing Care

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Let me tell you about my day at my DPC (Direct Primary Care) office.

Stacy had her bloodwork drawn. She brought in her 5-month-old baby, who smiled and coo’ed. Stacy asked if I had time for her to ask me a few questions. Sure did! We spent 20 min discussing some issues.

Cindy came in for her recheck appointment. She didn’t know what vitamins and supplements I’d recommend, so we discussed that, and I referred her to Fullscript, a great on-line site for supplements.

Rick called with back pain. He was wondering if I could inject the sore area with steroid like I had done a couple times in the past. Sure, c’mon in.

Rachel needed a form completed for work. She dropped it off, picking it up on her way back through town. No charge for the form completion.

Don walked in this afternoon. He’d had shooting arm pain since he had his blood drawn at the hospital. Could I take a look at him? Sure, I have time now.

Tina has had urinary symptoms. Could we check her for an infection? We saw her this afternoon. She brought her 19-month-old granddaughter – we had fun playing with the toddler!

In my old traditional medicine job, I wouldn’t have had time to see most of these people. In a lot of cases I wouldn’t have even known they called. Someone else might have had to see them, or maybe none of us had time. I love the personalized prompt care I’m able to provide through my DPC practice.

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