Lyme Disease

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I’m not a Lyme doctor, and I don’t want to be. But I’m more open to the thought that people can have chronic Lyme disease or similar co-infections. I hear of many people with debilitating Lyme disease.

In traditional medicine, we were told that once you treat Lyme, it really doesn’t persist. But the more I read and hear, the more I think many of my chronic illness patients might have Lyme-type co-infections. We’re told the testing in woefully inaccurate, and that treatment is complicated.

So how do you accurately test and treat for these infections? Some people will go to “Lyme Doctors,” and we never receive notes from them. I would like to learn why they do what they do, giving tons of antibiotics for more than a year. But when I finally did have a great discussion with one Lyme doctor recently, he said they don’t send notes because most doctors don’t believe in what they do. So that leaves the dichotomy.

As I’ve learned about the gut bacteria and how important they are, I’m uncomfortable with giving antibiotics for months at a time.

I have three main books for Lyme type illnesses. One champions antibiotics, another is middle of the road, and the third leans toward Herbal supplements. I have decided that I like the herbal approach best. Herbs are natural, they don’t disturb the gut bacteria, and you can work on treating yourself without having the expense of seeing a doctor repeatedly. Even if you don’t test for Lyme or co-infections, you can use the supplements to support cellular health.

I like the book “Unlocking Lyme” by William Rawls, MD, who had Lyme and co-infections himself. Dr. Rawls explains that many different germs get into our body. Our immune system gets rid of many invaders, but some get into the cells and hang out. We tolerate them well, until something disrupts us, then inflammation can develop. “Cellular Health” is important to keep the germs in check. Natural supplements can help maintain cellular health.

Dr. Rawls has done a lot of research into treatments, and he explains things well, in the book as well as online and in zoom presentations. He has great support for those who order his supplements. I highly recommend his information.

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