Prompt Attention

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Sarah had burned herself on a pan on Thanksgiving last week. She had been keeping the area dressed but now it was oozing. She wasn’t sure if it was infected. She sent a message to me, Dr. Herrington. I asked her to send me a photo through Spruce, our secure messaging app. Within a minute I had sent her a response. It didn’t look infected, here were some instructions for how to care for it, and please let me know if it doesn’t seem to be healing.

In the traditional medical practice, maybe she could have sent a photo and gotten some advice, but it likely would have taken longer and involved several staff before she got an answer. Or they might have required her to make an appointment. After all, insurance doesn’t pay if she isn’t seen.

My patients and I love my DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, where I can provide prompt personalized care.

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