Prompt Medical Care

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Cathy has some medical war stories.

She gets a lot of bladder infections, and her doctor had said to just call for a lab order next time she had symptoms. But the big medical corporation has one of those phone trees which makes it nearly impossible to contact your doctor’s office. She finally got through to a human who promised to send an order to the lab. But she went to three labs before she could finally find the order! Then she says it took 14 calls and a week and a half before she got the results!!

I told her about my patient who requested a lab order for a possible bladder infection. Instead, I had her come right into the office. We dipped her urine, I prescribed an antibiotic, and we sent the urine for culture. A couple days later I let her know the urine culture showed the antibiotic should have been effective. Yes, she responded, she was feeling better.

Cathy, who just signed up with us, says she is looking forward to our office’s prompt medical care!

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