Diet Talk

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Two guys… one week… 15 pounds total.

I had seen Curt last week. He’s a big guy who was having stomach trouble that probably was from Gluten. So I suggested a couple of weeks without Gluten. He came in today, stepped on the scale, and grinned when we calculated that he’s down 10 lb in one week!

And this afternoon Tom came in for my individual hour-long “diet talk.” He’s another big guy. I saw him last week and briefly mentioned that cutting down carbs is the main thing. He had made some changes right away, and he was happy that he’s lost 5 lbs in just a week! And today’s information session gave him a lot more to work with. I think he will do well.

I love helping people understand the human body and how lower carb / moderate protein / healthy fat way of eating is so helpful for losing weight, feeling better, and improving chronic problems. I’ve helped people come off medicines, reverse diabetes, resolve their aches and pains, and feel so much better. If only I’d known this information years ago. But many of us end up seeing the light after being in the dark.

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