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One of my patients told me about a relative with a sick child. The doctor couldn’t see her, so it was recommended that she go to an urgent care center. The first place had a 4 hour wait! The second place didn’t have a doctor present, so they could not be seen. The third place, several miles away, finally was able to see her after a moderate wait. Then they had to drive to the pharmacy for the prescriptions.

Oh, how different that is from my DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice. Yesterday a mom called with her two sick kids. Within half an hour they were in my office being seen. No antibiotics needed, just some advice. And earlier in the week I saw another sick child. Negative strep test, reassurance given. The parents know they can contact me with any concerns.

Another patient, whose family has been sick with the flu, had asked for a work excuse. I ended up calling him and reviewing his symptoms, prescribing a med to help him recover more quickly.

And the patient with the bladder infection was very happy that I had seen her so quickly and was able to dispense the antibiotic right there in my office.

How much would you pay to have such easy access to a doctor? My patients pay a monthly fee and are able to communicate with me, having same day or next day appointments as needed, as well as relaxed appointments for everything from physicals to dealing with chronic issues. Since I don’t bill insurance, I’m not answering to insurance company requirements. It’s a win-win situation for me and my patients! I love my job!

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