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Mike wasn’t sure whether to worry or not. It was Friday morning, and he’d had this strange abdominal pain for a few days. Maybe it was just indigestion. Or gall bladder. Could it even be his heart? What if he was having a heart attack? His wife teased him that he might be pregnant!

He sent a message to Dr. Herrington, and within a couple of minutes he received a response, asking for more information. With another exchange of texts, she suggested he come to the office at 1:30 that day for evaluation.

After his appointment he felt better about this pain. It probably was a virus, or maybe stress related. But it didn’t seem to be anything serious. He also knew that he had access, via text, to contact Dr. Herrington if needed over the weekend.

Yes, it had been a good decision to become a patient of Pine Creek Family Medicine’s DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice. He loved the prompt personalized service.

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