High Deductibles

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Does your high deductible medical insurance plan have you hesitating to contact your doctor?

Do you find yourself waiting, hoping your problem will resolve on its own?

What if you could communicate directly with your doctor at the first sign of illness?

What if it didn’t cost you money every time you saw your doctor?

Many people are turning to a rapidly growing model of health care, DPC (Direct Primary Care), which eliminates insurance and administrators from the equation. Patients pay a monthly fee, and in exchange they are seen as often as needed and have direct communication with their doctor. No co-pays. No hidden fees.

Pine Creek Family Medicine near Jersey Shore, PA, is our area’s first DPC practice. I, Dr. Herrington, am loving the freedom of practicing medicine without having to answer to insurance regulations. It’s like no longer having some picky boss looking over your shoulder. I am able to provide personalized service to about 500 patients, rather than the usual 2000 patients that other Family Practice doctors see.

Patients see me every visit, so I know their medical issues. Because I have fewer patients, I can offer same day or next day appointments if needed. And patients have access to me through text, email, video visits, and phone.

I also love the relaxed atmosphere I can provide, spending 30 to 60 minutes (or more) with patients if needed. One patient wrote, “I can’t believe what a relaxing appointment that was.” Because I have the time with patients, we can work together on the underlying causes of medical issues, rather than just adding more medications.

We don’t bill insurance for services in our office, but patients can still use their insurance for ER visits, hospitalizations, tests and specialist referrals.

Check out my web site’s Blog page for many examples of prompt personalized service.

I’m working for my patients rather than for insurance companies. This is the way medicine used to be!