Prompt Response

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“You can turn off the car. We don’t need to go to the ER,” Sara called to her husband. “Dr. Herrington figured out what the problem was.”

Sara couldn’t believe she had gotten such a quick response from her doctor this evening. She had used the Spruce app, which reached her doctor directly.

She had texted, “I just started having a problem with my eyes. It’s like a black and white abstract shape snakes.” She had received a response right away, and before she knew it, Dr. Herrington had called her, saying it was easier to ask some questions on the phone.

In the few minutes that they talked, the squiggles changed and started fading. Yes, she had a bit of a headache, but no other symptoms. She was told it probably was a migraine, a visual scotoma. Dr. Herrington said she thought Sara would be fine, but of course if she developed more symptoms, she should go to the ER or contact her doctor again.

She sighed. This had just saved her a lot of time and money. She was very glad she had joined Pine Creek Family Medicine’s Direct Primary Care practice, where in exchange for a monthly fee she had unlimited office visits and communication with her doctor. Tonight that access had been priceless!