The Waiting Room

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Our waiting room is not typical for a doctor’s office. Sure we have chairs and a spacious area. But people aren’t sitting with masks on, looking at their watches, wondering when they will be called. Most times the waiting room is empty. People walk in and barely have time to sit before they are called back to the exam room.

Days like last Friday it is a kid-friendly fun place. One child had an appointment, and the two siblings were thrilled to tag along. They love hanging out with Sue, who provides coloring books and toys. And she plays games with them. Kallie the dog, our mascot, was wandering among the kids, receiving pats and treats. My year-old patient was wandering out of the exam room as mom and I talked. We knew everyone was safe, with Sue supervising. And we knew there weren’t other patients who were being bothered by the noise. It was a fun happy place.

Near the end of the visit, things were getting a little rowdy in the hallway. Suddenly I saw the dog go flying by! I stepped out to investigate. Kallie, who usually lies in the hall looking bored, was chasing a ball, flying back and forth in the hall, retrieving! That dog doesn’t do that! The laughter and excitement from everyone was palpable. What fun!

After a few minutes things wound down. The dog lay in the hall panting. The kids were bundled up and taken to their car. Five minutes later my next patient arrived, being escorted back to the exam room right away. Things were calm, like there never had been the happy tornado of excitement. But I was feeling quite refreshed!

I love my DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice. Medicine the way it should be.