Unlimited Office Visits

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If I’d had a Direct Primary Care practice a couple years ago, I would have seen my friend’s horribly bruised leg, in my office, several times if needed.

A horse ended up dumping her on some stones, then running away. She was left with an impressive multi-colored bruise on her leg, which she posted multiple times on Facebook. I was her doctor, and we kept in touch as friends. But I never saw the injury in person.

With the traditional medical practice I was part of, she would have had to make an appointment (hopefully with me), waiting in the waiting room and exam room before finally being seen. The visit would have been billed to insurance, and with her high deductible, she figured she would owe quite a lot. So she carried on without me seeing her in person.

But now, with my DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, as a patient she would pay a monthly membership and in exchange have unlimited office visits and communication. She could pop in for me to check the bruise, or she could send me texts or photos with updates. If I had concerns, I could order more tests, trying to find the best prices for her. And since I am limiting my practice to about 500 patients, rather than the usual 2000 patients that Family Practice doctors have, I would have more availability to see her as needed.

I love working for my patients rather than the insurance companies. This is the way medicine should be!