Not Your Typical Doctor’s Office

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I was in the exam room with a patient and could hear my next patient chatting with Sue, the receptionist. He was quite early.

When I asked him about it later, he said “Well, they usually ask you to arrive 15 minutes early.”

We’re not your typical doctor’s office. At the traditional office, most people stand in line at the front desk, then answer questions, confirming their insurance and personal info. Then they sit and wait a few minutes until the nurse calls them back, asking her own questions and checking vital signs. Then more waiting until the doctor arrives.

In my office, patients usually are escorted to the exam room on arrival, rarely having time to sit in the waiting room. We don’t bill insurance, and I don’t have a nurse. I have longer appointment times (30 to 60 minutes) so I can stay on time. I used to be that doctor that ran late when I was in the traditional medical practice. It’s so refreshing to be on time!

I love my DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, where patients pay a monthly membership fee, and in exchange they receive unlimited office visits and communication. Personalized health care, the way it should be!