Appointment Availability

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This morning, as I was getting ready for work, I was texted a photo of a bloodshot eye. It was from one of my patients, telling me her eye was irritated, asking what she should do. I figured she should be seen.

I recalled that I had a couple openings in my schedule today, so I gave her some options. She said she had a meeting at 10 AM, and another at 11AM, but she could probably come in by about 10:30 and hopefully make it to her next meeting.

In my old job as a traditional family practice doctor, I could never have guaranteed to see her that quickly. There was the process of checking in, the nurse calling her back, vitals being checked. And there were always things pulling me in different directions — it was a struggle to keep seeing patients while providing good, personalized care.

But in my Direct Primary Care practice I can stay on time since I allow longer appointments. I was able to see my patient, examine her, and discuss my recommendations. Then she had enough extra time to hang out for a few minutes chatting with me and my staff.

Medicine the way it should be!