Blood Tests

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As a physician I have heard all kinds of prices patients have had to pay for blood tests. Some paid nothing. Others have paid literally thousands of dollars for just a few tests, despite having insurance coverage. When I’m asked what something might cost (if not drawn at my office), I’ve had to answer, “I don’t know.”

I, myself, decided not to get a few blood tests done a couple of years ago because no one could tell me what they would cost me. It’s like we’re writing a blank check when we have labs drawn!

At Pine Creek Family Medicine, our patients get lab tests at a deep discount.

But if you are NOT a patient, you can now get blood tests drawn at our office. Our prices are transparent, such as a CBC for $15, Lipid panel for $25. Drawing fee is $10 no matter how many labs you have done. We have an awesome RN who loves to draw blood while helping patients feel at ease.

You will need an order from your provider, either their usual orders, or they can use our order sheet. Check out for a downloadable copy of our lab order form, which has more information.

We look forward to helping people get the blood tests they need at transparent prices.