Lab Prices

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Groceries have price tags. Gas pumps have prices. Clothes have price tags.

Why are medical prices so elusive?

If you ask how much a lab test will cost, you rarely get a straight answer. It depends on your insurance, what ICD10 codes your doctor used, or where you have your blood drawn. As a doctor, I would hear that some patients didn’t have to pay anything, while others had to pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, for the standard tests I would order.

At Pine Creek Family Medicine in Avis, PA, we will tell you our prices. If you are one of our patients, you get deep discounts on labs.

But if you are NOT a patient, you can now get blood tests drawn at our office. Our prices are transparent, such as a CBC for $15, Lipid panel for $25. Drawing fee is $10 no matter how many labs you have done. They are self-pay labs. No insurance involved. We have an awesome RN who loves to draw blood while helping patients feel at ease.

You will need an order from your provider, either their usual orders, or they can use our order sheet. Check out for a downloadable copy of our lab order form, which has more information.