Prompt Care

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It wasn’t the first time Tim had clunked his head, but this time there was quite a gash and a lot of blood. Luckily his wife was around to help him, stopping the bleeding and applying a bandage. It sure looked like he was going to need stitches.

Right away his wife was on the phone with Dr. Herrington’s office. “We’re supposed to go right over,” she told Tim.

Within half an hour of the accident he was lying on the exam table, chatting with Dr. Herrington, Sue, and his wife as his forehead was sutured. Conversation turned to the hours he had saved by not having to go to the Emergency Room for stitches. And who knows what the bill would have been.

As he was making his appointment for suture removal, he was told there was no cost for the suturing procedure. It was included in his membership.

Once again he was glad to have joined Pine Creek Family Medicine’s DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, where he pays a monthly membership in exchange for essentially unlimited office visits and communication. Prompt personalized health care.

Medicine the way it used to be!