Postponing Membership

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The dad had better not wait too long…

A family was in yesterday for a Meet and Greet. It’s a free visit to check out my DPC (Direct Primary Care) medical practice.

This is a different model, where patients pay a monthly membership fee and get essentially unlimited office visits and communication. People often mention budgeting the extra money per month. But they also realize that since there’s no extra cost for office visits, it should save them money if they need our services.

Mom signed up, along with one of the kids. Dad said he’ll probably be ready to sign up within 6 to 12 months.

I cautioned him not to wait too long. With the speed at which we’re getting new patients, I expect we could be full within 6 months.

I’m limiting my practice to about 500 patients, unlike the usual Family Practice doctor who has about 2000 patients. This allows me to continue providing prompt personalized medical care.

Medicine the way it should be!