Unexpected Costs

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Have you ever opened a medical bill and been floored by the total price?

Have you hesitated to have tests done, not knowing what they would cost?

The medical world seems to have a lot of hidden prices. Even with insurance, terms like deductibles, co-pays and ICD10 codes can leave your head spinning and your wallet vulnerable.

You probably have heard some of those outlandish prices people have had to pay. Here are a few we know about:

Hemoglobin A1C, which tells how your sugar is for 3 months, has cost two different people, through hospital labs: $161 and $400! That’s just for one test. ($15 at our place for non-patients)

One patient of ours had to pay over $2000 for her labs through the hospital, despite having insurance. They would have cost just $200 at our office if she were not one of our patients (and less as our patient).

Another woman was floored by her bill for $952 for a hospital lab draw. At our office it would have cost her $77 as our patient, and just $230 as a non-patient.

At Pine Creek Family Medicine our own patients enjoy deep discounts on bloodwork. But if you are NOT a patient, you can now get blood tests drawn at our office. Our prices are transparent, such as Lipid panel for $25, Vitamin D level for $40. Drawing fee is $10 no matter how many labs you have done. They are self-pay labs. No insurance involved. We have an awesome RN who loves to draw blood while helping patients feel at ease.

You’ll need a lab order from your provider, either their usual order, or they can use our order sheet. Check out www.PineCreekFamMed.com/services for a downloadable copy of our lab order form, which has more information.

We look forward to helping people get the blood tests they need at transparent prices.