Prompt Phone Care

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Christopher’s parents were worried. They were soon leaving him at college, two states from home, and he was complaining of stomach pain and nausea.

He often would have some brief stomach pain in the mornings at home, but this was definitely worse. Was it nerves? He hadn’t been away from home much before, and this was a new adventure. Or was there something serious going on?

Both Christopher and his mom texted their doctor’s office, and soon Dr. Herrington was on the phone with Christopher. She asked a few questions, determining that it was probably a combination of some anxiety and gastritis. She sent a couple prescriptions to a nearby pharmacy. Christopher’s parents felt better knowing he had a few things on hand if needed.

And they loved that Christopher would have access to his doctor from college, with prompt evaluation and reassurance.

They were glad they had joined Pine Creek Family Medicine’s DPC (Direct Primary Care) where patients pay a monthly fee in exchange for essentially unlimited office visits and communication.

Medicine the way it should be!