ER Visit Avoided

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Jimmy’s parents were worried. The 3-year-old was still breathing hard despite the nebulizer treatment. They called his old doctor, who said if he was having breathing problems he should go to the ER. But his parents didn’t think he was quite that bad, and they didn’t like the idea of prolonged wait times and unknow doctors.

A couple of the family members had already signed up with Dr. Herrington’s DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, where patients pay a monthly membership in exchange for unlimited office visits and communication.

The child’s parents wished they had already signed up Jimmy, but they called to ask if he might become a new patient now. Within an hour the family was in the exam room, with Dr. Herrington examining the child and discussing treatments. They wanted to avoid excessive medications, but the doctor explained that Jimmy was struggling a bit, and adding in some steroid for a few days should help keep him out of trouble.

The next morning, Saturday, Dr. Herrington texted the parents, asking how Jimmy was doing. He was doing a lot better, thank God. And they knew if he had further problems, they could communicate easily with the doctor, seeking further advice. They were so happy they had found this unique medical practice.

Medicine the way it should be!