Mutually Beneficial

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The podiatrist went shopping at my office.

He was a new patient, from 2 hours away. His girlfriend is my patient and had recommended my unique DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, where patients pay a monthly fee in exchange for unlimited office visits and communication.

We spent the first several minutes comparing notes about our independent practices, both happy that we were free from being employees of a large system.

We discussed his medical history, I drew his blood (much cheaper than he could get anywhere else), and we made plans to connect by phone in the future unless he needed anything in person.

He knew I had bought my office building from a local podiatrist who had become employed by a large medical system. He left a lot of equipment that he didn’t need (printer, file cabinets, autoclave and more), which I appreciate so much! And he left lots of special shoes and braces. We’ve sold a couple of them, but it’s much more than we would ever use.

So we pulled out what we had, and we struck a deal. He left with boxes of equipment that he can sell or use, and we’re happy to have the space.