The Doctor Answered the Phone?

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Julie was shocked when her doctor answered the phone.

She had called the office, expecting to ask Sue to schedule an appointment to be seen. Or maybe Dr. Herrington could handle things over the phone. Last time she had needed something, she was on vacation and couldn’t get to the office. Sue set up a time for the doctor to call her, and they had a productive conversation.

“I didn’t expect you to answer the phone!” she exclaimed.

“Sue is signing up a new patient, so I answered the phone,” Dr. Herrington said. “What’s up?”

“Well, I wanted to ask you about my neck pain,” Julie said. “I’ve been to the chiropractor, which helps for a short time. But then it bugs me again. He was wondering about a muscle relaxer.”

Her doctor asked her a couple more questions, then agreed to send in a prescription for a muscle relaxer. Within 5 minutes the exchange was over.

Julie remembered her previous doctor’s office, where there seemed to be roadblocks to communication. First, she would get the secretary, who would send a message to the nurse, who would then call her back with more questions. Once the nurse got a response from the doctor, she would call Julie back. Sometimes it took a couple of days to get an answer. Or sometimes she was required to be seen by someone in the office. She knew they didn’t get paid by the insurance companies unless patients were seen.

She was so glad she had switched to Pine Creek Family Medicine, the area’s first DPC (Direct Primary Care) practice, where patients paid a monthly membership in exchange for unlimited office visits and communication. Dr. Herrington doesn’t bill insurance, so she doesn’t have to answer to their regulations.

Medicine the way it should be!