DPC (Direct Primary Care) is a rapidly growing membership-based model that eliminates the middle man of insurance and administrators.  Instead of billing insurance, our patients pay a monthly fee and we see them as often as they need for whatever concerns they may have. No co-pays, no office visit fees.   And since I choose to have a smaller panel of patients (about 500 patients rather than the typical 2000 or more patients per doctor), I am able to provide more personalized care. I can offer same day and next day appointments, and my members can communicate with me 24/7 if needed. I work for my patients, not the insurance company.

Instead of churning patients through the office as I had to do in traditional medicine, the DPC practice model allows me to spend time with patients, providing 30 to 60 minute visits, listening, getting to know my patients, and sharing in decision making. I work with patients, not dictating what they must do.   I address chronic medical issues (such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Heart disease, Asthma), provide routine physical exams, see patients for acute care, and do procedures (which many of you know I love). We also can communicate by text, email, patient portal, video visits and phone calls. And since I am a solo physician and have a limited number of patients, I am the one who sees you, not any other providers. Together we make your health a priority.

Many patients have high-deductible insurance plans, with hard-to-navigate rules and regulations. As a result, many will wait to see a doctor, or hesitate to followup. It’s hard to know what the costs will be, sometimes receiving bills a couple months after the appointment. With DPC, the costs are transparent. And since office visits and services are included, most people are more likely to seek care before issues become severe.

This model takes Medicine back to the way it used to be – Personalized health care without the interference of the insurance companies.