Listen to my radio interview talking about my Direct Primary Care practice.

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DPC Nation Frequently Asked Questions   This site has a great FAQ section discussing DPC (Direct Primary Care), how it works, and benefits.                

This 11-minute YouTube video from 2014 gives a great summary of how DPC (Direct Primary Care) can benefit patients and doctors. The speaker, Josh Umbehr, MD, has given many presentations, and he and his partners help others start DPC practices, giving free advice.  I have communicated by email many times with him. He’s a great resource.

DPC Frontier MapperThis map displays the locations of nearly 1700 Direct Primary Care (DPC) practices across the US.  You can search by zip code or area. There are links to web sites for each site. Pine Creek Family Medicine is the first in our area.

Simplicity DPC – This web site from a DPC doctor says basically everything I would say! I love her blog post, linked here. It describes some of the frustrations of traditional medical practices, and how DPC lets us get back to medicine the way it used to be.

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