Monthly membership fees:

Children 0 to 18 years old with a parent member;   $10 / month

Children 0 to 18 year old without parent member: $25 / month

Adults 19 to 44 years old: $50 / month

Adults 45 to 64 years old: $75 / month

Adults 65 and older: $95 / month

No co-pays, no hidden fees.

Diet Discussions

I love helping people lose weight and make healthier lifestyle choices.  In the past 4 years, I have helped people lose thousands of pounds collectively. In the past, I had to rush through my presentations with patients in the office. Yet with DPC (Direct Primary Care) I have the time to provide a more relaxed atmosphere and am able to help my patients understand many of the concepts of lower carbohydrate, moderate protein, healthy fat way of eating. Come alone or gather several friends and family members. If you’re a member (patient of Pine Creek Family Medicine) then your visit is included (“free”). Others are welcome for a fee.

Initial Diet Discussion – 1 hourIncluded$50 for 1 to 2 people/$25 per extra person
Follow Up Diet Discussion – 30 minIncluded$25 per person
Group meetings for Diet DiscussionsIncluded$25 per person

Medical Marijuana Certification
We certify patients and non-patients for approved “serious medical conditions” as outlined on the Pennsylvania Department of Health website.
$150 for initial certification (“free” for our patients)
$100 for recertification (“free” for our patients)